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Well know within cyberculture circles, writer (ex-Oaker) Gareth Branwyn authored a book which was published this summer

Gareth Branwyn book

Ex-member publishes cyberculture book

Ex-member Derek (Dream) Breen has authored a For Dummies computing-for-kids book

Breen book Scratch for Kids

Ex-member authored For Dummies computer book

Periodically someone at Twin Oaks remakes the "official" member photo montage. Here's the latest

Member Montage July 2014

Member Photo Montage - Most Recent

12-year-old Mother Earth Fair Presenter Eleanor Wilkinson receives a signed copy of Sustainable Market Farming by Twin Oaks member Pam Dawling

Pam at Mother Earth Fair

Pam is Eleanor's favorite author, and inspired Eleanor to start her own market farming business!

Member / Author Pam at Mother Earth Fair

"Living Off the Land"
photos of Twin Oaks by Aaron Cohen

Aaron Cohen Twin Oaks Photos

from the online publication called feature shoot.

Read more Twin Oaks Photo Set by Aaron Cohen

The latest issue of our Leaves newsletter has been published in PDF format

Leaves of Twin Oaks Summer 2014

and has been emailed to subscribers.

Leaves Summer 2014

Long term member Marione Cobb died during the night on May 16, 2014.

Marione Cobb

A Death - Marione

We handle wholesale seeds sales for Acorn Community's SESE business.

Seed Racks Wholesale Business

This has become a significant income area for us as SESE's business has grown.

Seed Racks