Twin Oaks is an intentional community in rural central Virginia, made up of around 90 adult members and 15 children. Since the community's beginning in 1967, our way of life has reflected our values of cooperation, sharing, nonviolence, equality, and ecology. We welcome you to schedule a visit.

We do not have a group religion; our beliefs are diverse. We do not have a central leader; we govern ourselves by a form of democracy with responsibility shared among various managers, planners, and committees. We are self-supporting economically, and partly self-sufficient. We are income-sharing. Each member works 42 hours a week in the community's business and domestic areas. Each member receives housing, food, healthcare, and personal spending money from the community.

Our hammocks and casual furniture business has generated most of our income in the past. Making tofu as of 2011 has become roughly equal in importance to hammocks. Indexing books and now seed growing are also significant sources of income. Still, less than half of our work goes into these income-producing activities; the balance goes into a variety of tasks that benefit our quality of life—including milking cows, gardening, cooking, and childcare. Most people prefer doing a variety of work, rather than the same job day in, day out.

A number of us choose to be politically active in issues of peace, ecology, anti-racism, and feminism. Each summer we are hosts to a Women's Gathering and a Communities Conference where we welcome both experienced communitarians, and seekers who are new to community living.

We give tours of Twin Oaks almost every Saturday afternoon from March through October, and on most alternating Saturdays from November through February. Read about the Saturday Tour here.

We offer a structured three week visit designed to give the visitor some general education and experience in living at Twin Oaks. Read about the Visitor Program here

Please do not drop in and expect to get a tour or be able to stay overnight. Tours and visits must always be pre-arranged, and to be a guest here, a member must agree to be your host before you arrive.

Twin Oaks Community
138 Twin Oaks Road # W
Louisa, VA 23093 USA

888-424-8838 Fax
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When communicating with us by email please do not send attachments. Please send only plain text email, not HTML formatted mail. When you write, please tell us how/where you heard about Twin Oaks. If it was through another website, we'd like to know which one, and the URL if possible.

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"My other car isn't mine either"
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Really nice promo photo of Twin Oaks member-author Pam Dawling and ex-member now Acorn member-author Ira Wallace.
TRISHA. Ex-member and beloved school teacher Trisha Whitney died peacefully at home this morning. She was with her partner DoMi Stauber. Well known years ago was the co-op Oakley School which she started in the local town Louisa.
Photos from Twin Oaks Community's post BOZO PINE. Our illustrious Forestry Crew has just finished downing the huge storm-blown pine tree by the recreation area called Bozo Beach. The 28" (70 cm) diameter tree came down in a powerful summer storm. It was tricky and dangerous to finish the felling job. In these photos the crew ...
Timeline Photos REMODEL. This summer brought extreme amounts of rain and worse than ever mold and mildew. This led to a big cleanup of community clothes and a subsequent remodeling of the space is in progress. Nina takes drywall sheets handed up by Lupa, Lori, and Chris V.
Photos from Twin Oaks Community's post DRAW & PLAY. Activities more likely to happen in cold weather. Purl encouraged kids to join him drawing. Scott, Ridgely, and Finley did a jigsaw puzzle. @ Twin Oaks Community
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