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Really nice promo photo of Twin Oaks member-author Pam Dawling and ex-member now Acorn member-author Ira Wallace.
TRISHA. Ex-member and beloved school teacher Trisha Whitney died peacefully at home this morning. She was with her partner DoMi Stauber. Well known years ago was the co-op Oakley School which she started in the local town Louisa.
Photos from Twin Oaks Community's post BOZO PINE. Our illustrious Forestry Crew has just finished downing the huge storm-blown pine tree by the recreation area called Bozo Beach. The 28" (70 cm) diameter tree came down in a powerful summer storm. It was tricky and dangerous to finish the felling job. In these photos the crew ...
Timeline Photos REMODEL. This summer brought extreme amounts of rain and worse than ever mold and mildew. This led to a big cleanup of community clothes and a subsequent remodeling of the space is in progress. Nina takes drywall sheets handed up by Lupa, Lori, and Chris V.
Photos from Twin Oaks Community's post DRAW & PLAY. Activities more likely to happen in cold weather. Purl encouraged kids to join him drawing. Scott, Ridgely, and Finley did a jigsaw puzzle. @ Twin Oaks Community
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