Twin Oaks Intentional Community
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Cows, beef and dairy, chickens, and more. Some of us are vegan, many are vegetarians that eat eggs and dairy, and some eat meat.

Cows. We have a large dairy barn and dairy/beef herd. We produce all of our own (unpastueurized) milk, cheese, yogurt, cream cheese, etc, and have been doing so for decades. We breed the dairy cows ourselves. Male offspring from the dairy program become beef cattle. We slaughter and butcher beef cows ourselves.

Chickens. We have had quite a few different chicken programs over the years. At times we've produced most or all of the eggs we consume, and chicken meat for the table. At the time of this writing in 2012 we're again running a portable-fence free-range chicken program.

More. At times we've kept pigs. We might be wiling to keep other animals for milk or meat in the future if an ambitious member proposed doing so.