Twin Oaks Intentional Community
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Cars and Trucks fleet. We share a fleet of around 15 cars, trucks, and vans, among about 100 people. This is a major reduction from the average number of cars owned per capita in the U.S. We keep our cars well tuned-up in our own auto shop in order to maximize fuel efficiency and prolong the life of our cars.

Car pooling and minization of use. We assign one person at a time to do the shopping for the whole community, thus requiring only one vehicle for the task. There is also a personal incentive to car pool for personal trips--members have to pay a per mile charge to take a fleet vehicle for personal use.

By supporting ourselves through cottage industries, we have little need to use cars to commute to work. Similarly, we provide much of our own health care and recreation on the premises.

Bicycle fleet. We have a great bikes program. There are dozens of public free bikes to use as needed. We also allow members to have a personal bike and the community will provide one to users who prefer using the same bike regularly. A community provided bike is an example of what we call "trusterty" which is an alternative to property.