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Support Critters Manifesto

Support Critters Manifesto


So, the most important thing is support and nurturing.

Without that, everything falls apart.

Most people are stupid and don't support any nurturing.

They just take the support for granted, and are unhappy if the nurturing consumes any time or energy.

Us support critters need to unite and find strategies for the support-ignorants to get educated.


Halloween 1999


Halloween 1999


Iltsji Elvis

This is Hawina

Hawina and Iltsji together

(Iltsji likes the pocket, 'cause then he is on her heart)


Iltsji's Favorite Songs

Iltsji's Favorite Songs

Row Row Row Your Boat

Gently Down the Scene

Marry me, marry me, marry me, marry me

Life is not a dream

[This is when Asana often says "But life is a dream, Iltsji"]


And a new favorite:

[Sung to the tune of Tom Petty's "Running Down the Road"]

Running down the drain

Living in history

Never gonna do it again

Hah hah hah!!