Twin Oaks Intentional Community
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You know you've lived on a commune when...

  • you share a Netflix subscription with 4 or more people.
  • you have no idea what Netflix is
  • dinner conversation turns to reminiscing about your favorite McDonald's food before you stopped eating there. The longest-term member thinks they ate there once in the 80's.
  • you or a member of your family has ever answered to the name Sage, Harmony or Rainbow
  • you know the Briggs-Meyer, Enneagram or Aryuvedic dosha type of everyone you live with
  • you've ever given or received feedback while naked, with someone other than your lover
  • you share a checkbook with 5 to 75 other people
  • you cringe at the phrase "high impact", because you want to get as far away from those people as possible, or because you are one of those people
  • you've been on committees with more people than you've slept with
  • you've ever organized an orgy by consensus
  • you've decided when to hold a retreat based on the most auspicious astrological reading
  • your household income breaks down to either $75 a month, or $250,000 annually, depending on how you look at it

Eight of the above are true for Valerie LivingWater, who has lived at Twin Oaks for 14 years.