Twin Oaks Intentional Community
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Twin Oaks 35th Anniversary weekend celebration. June 16th is the official day. Many dozens of exmembers gathered here for the tours, talent shows, music, rock 'n roll dances, etc.

Rainbow hammock and chair. Stella got inspired, made a lovely rainbow hammock which hangs in front of Llano. Now she's making a chair. We have no current plans to sell such a product but who knows? Meanwhile, they're fun to look at. [May 2002.]

Annual Dumpster Dive event. For some years now Keenan and others have taken a few vans to the local university to pick through the student end-of-term discards. By tradition there is a Sunday afternoon mob scene behind Zk as interested Twin Oaks scavengers pick through the take. Costumes, junkfood, shelving, clothing (sometimes brand new), lamps, even working computers have been recovered for reuse. And it's really fun! [May 2002 .]

New well drilled. A local well drilling company sank a new water well for us to replace declining output from our old agricultural well. The same family-owned business drilled Twin Oaks' two other main wells 30 or so years ago. Besides putting on a great show the chosen site produced more water by far than any of our other wells drilled in the past. At a rated 70 gpm we should have sufficient water pumping capability for many years to come for irrigation and the Dairy. [May 2002.]