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Geologists visit Twin Oaks as follow-up to last August's big earthquake.

VA Dept Mines Minerals Energy

Geologists from the Virginia Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy did some exploration of our property and then Amy Gilmer from DMME came out to do an evening slideshow and talk

about local fault lines and various ancient rock structures on our property. We also took a walk with her and explored a historic gold mine shaft on our land. It turns out that Twin Oaks is situated along a miles-wide series of gold mines that run through North Carolina and Central Virginia.

As noted during the slideshow, a specialized light plane has since been overflying sections Louisa County including our property, repeatedly, at very low altitude, carrying out specialized gravity measurement mapping.

Amy says there will one or more visits to further explore our property and the nearby area in the fall when the leaves are down. This area is particularly interesting to the geologists because of its close proxmimity to the quake epicenter.