News of Twin Oaks

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Long term member Marione Cobb died during the night on May 16, 2014.

Marione Cobb

A Death - Marione

We handle wholesale seeds sales for Acorn Community's SESE business.

Seed Racks Wholesale Business

This has become a significant income area for us as SESE's business has grown.

Seed Racks

All sixteen current kids of Twin Oaks, plus one ex-member-kid.

All Our Kids

How many can you name?

All Our Kids

Ultimate Frisbee is a very popular sport at Twin Oaks these days.
Ultimate Frisbee at Twin Oaks

A recent Saturday game saw a record turnout of 24 people total (3 teams, 7 players each—people rotating in and out of game to give everyone a chance to play.)

Romance at the South Pole?!

South Pole Proposal

Member Trout is on his knees proposing marriage to Acorner Fox, at the South Pole (yes, really) on the southern hemisphere Winter Solstice.

Romance at the Pole

The latest issue of our Leaves newsletter has been published in PDF format

Leaves Newsletter Winter 2013

and has been emailed to subscribers.

Leaves Winter 2013

Pam surveys part of the 2013 harvest.

Sweet Potato Harvest 2013

Sweet potato harvest

Long term member Piper Martin died during the night on November 7.

Piper Martin

A Death - Piper

We enjoyed exceptionally good fall colors for a week this year. 

Fall color on Vigor Rd by Ezra

Photo by Ezra