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As of 2016 our news stories are now appearing only on our public Facebook page.

Nice article about us in the June 2013 issue.

Richmond Magazine article

"A Cultivated Community" The self-sustained Twin Oaks commune in Louisa County uses free-market pragmatism to preserve a place where free spirits can thrive. By Gary Robertson. [Original article.]


The much used and much loved TaChai Living Room conversation pit developed water leaks in the floor under the carpet recently.

The TaChai pit leaks!

The book authored by member-gardener Pam, Sustainable Market Farming, has sold 2850 copies already!
Sustainable Market Farming by Pam Dawling

Home birth, born to mother Rosie, Elspeth co-parent.

New Baby Born at Twin Oaks

Brittany holding the baby. (It's a girl, named Sylvia Cynthia Tupelo.)

The latest issue of our Leaves newsletter has been published in PDF format

 Leaves #115 Spring 2013

and was emailed to subscribers (in May).

Peridiodic cicadas are completing another 17-year cycle here.

Cicada Themed Visitor Parties

Washington Post Food Blog writer Carolyn Hax toured Twin Oaks and wrote a quite favorable blog post about our Tofu.

Twins Tofu Washington Post Blog

[Photo by Norm Shafer for the Post.]