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Hardcore frisbee players.

Winter Ultimate Frisbee

March game in the snow!

Ezra Freeman blog

ObserVA is a year 2013 natural history blog by Twin Oaks member Ezra Freeman.

Now in stock on our hammock website is a new accessory for the Oakweave hanging chair.

.Oakweave Footrest rainbow model

Oakweave Footrests are available as stock items in Rainbow, Flax and Envirope models.



Copies of our member Pam's newly published book Sustainable Market Farming arrived recently.
Sustainable Market Farming by Pam Dawling

100 communards go through a lot of toilet paper....here's our latest shipment, in living color.

Salon.com published an article about Twin Oaks.

"I worked hard for no pay — and I dug it"

When I lived on a commune, I learned that some kinds of labor yield their own, non-monetary rewards.

By Rachel Monroe
Sunday, Feb 10, 2013 06:00 PM EST
This article originally appeared in Cluster Mag.

The latest issue of our Leaves newsletter has been published in PDF format

 Leaves #114 Winter 2012

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We celebrate Thanksgiving with a huge meal and all who choose to do so eating in the main dining room of Zk.Thanksgiving Dinner at ZK


In the feast tradition there is an abundance of food at Thanksgiving.
Thanksgiving Dessert Table
The dessert table is particularly outstanding!