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You can tell a lot about a culture from it's bathroom reading material. Here are the results from an on-the-spot tour of various bathrooms at Twin Oaks one day recently. You won't find a lot of copies of Reader's Digest....


They're small but at least as delicious as the supermarket kind from New Zealand. These were grown in the backyard of Kaweah.

Hardy Kiwi at Twin Oaks

Our local weekly newspaper, The Central Virginian, mentioned that a Virginia relay race would be running through our County.

Relay Race Colonial 200

It's not what you think! Our water well has been losing capacity--our response to this was to have our well "hydro-fractured."

Hydro-fracture truck

After many years and much discussion with our neighbors, the highway department "paved" the road in front of our property.

Paved our road

We had another visit from DMME geologists to our old "gold mine." This time the focus of the visit was mine safety and reclamation. We got confirmation that the dug up ground was indeed an gold mining site. Keenan showed them around and then posted a paper on our Opinions and Ideas board about the posibility of covering the dug up area for safety reasons. Read on to see the complete text of the paper.

The roof has been in poor shape for a long time, and recently has been leaking badly.

TaChair roof repair crew

Kevin, Red and Zoe

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