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Calta is Power

Discovering, transforming and equalizing power. It is no coincidence that most of my "work" is on nuclear energy issues. But the definition is broader, to include political power in the form of building consensus and creating resistance to the existing inequitable structures. There is also the issue of power in intimacy - the ultimate search for balance. Finally, outsiders critique the corporation and a proposal for a new radical economic entity.


  • Debate with Hans Blix, Director of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)
  • "Giants Fall" Speech at Temelin NPP
  • Gorleben RadWaste Blockade Report
  • India, Pakistan and US Nuclear Weapons Hypocracy
  • Chernobyl Anniversary Speech at Dukovany NPP
  • International Hereld Tribune letter on Subcritcal Testing

Consensus Decision Making

  • Shared Path, Shared Goal - Fingerbook Text
  • Accessible Revolutions - unfinished

Radical Intimacy

  • With Open Hands: Fingerbook on Open Relationships

Radical Economics

  • Buyers Club and Barter Network
  • Non-Monitary Economies Project
  • Corporations as Machines: Form is Content [Mander]
  • Rational Lotteries
  • OPTEC: Open Public Trust and Equity Corporation



After Adela and i got married we went to the Temelin Action camp and she signed in as Adela Paxova-Kubickova. Taking my first name (instead of the last name) and adding the "ova" that women add to their husbands names when they get married (and drop their own name). Not really knowing what i was doing i signed in after her as Paxus Adelova-Calta, which got a riot of laughter from the Czechs. The "ova" extension is only used for women, and it actually means "the property of". But i kept it, wishing to honor my wife in my name and tangling the traditions of our two cultures.

I would find out many years later that Calta was a Sicilian word for Castle, but when i choose it the only thing it meant was 'power' in a language i had made up many years earlier. Pax Calta, Peace Power, it seemed like a good combination at the time and looking back a decade and a half later, it would appear this balance is at the center of my identity quest.