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A Poet's Tale

There once was a young poet who read all the poetry in her language and was especially inspired by an older poet who had lived a difficult and brave life.

With years the young poet wrote and gained some fame herself and of course she aged as well.

Then one day she got invited to the 80th birthday of the famous older poet and went with great joy having never met the famous poet and wishing to express the appreciation of the inspiration.

But when she finally met the famous older poet she was almost without words. But the kindly old poet could see that the no-longer young poet had something important to express and said, come with me to the garden.

They walked together silently for a while and the older poet said. "Do you see these flowers, they have been one of my main inspirations" and with this the younger poet began to cry and said. "this is what i wish to tell you, that all my life, you work, your struggle has been my greatest inspiration, if i have done any thing which is beautiful, it is because of your word."

The old poet blushed a bit and said, "i am sure that your works come from your spirit, i have read then often and where i can see my influence here and there, they are truly original, in no ways simply mirrors of my writing".

"you can not know how i have poured over your books and strove to understand you. But this does not matter, i wish to know but one thing - how can i pay you back?"

"you can not" said the older poet as she held one of her flowers and they stood in silence for a moment

"but you can pay me forward" she said finally, "you can help someone else"