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[With a nod and a wink to Charles Dogson]

Alice asks "Where shall we go now?"

"We can sit beneath the shrinking moon or wander thru the growing trees, but it does not matter for it is all the same" sez the mad hatter

"Everything is not the same" scolds Alice

"Tell me how they are different in a way that matters" responds the hatter.

"Well, there is at least shrinking and growing ..."

"Which are the same only the other way around" interrupted the hatter

"Would you let me finish" complained Alice

"Then you would be neither shriking nor growing - you would just be finished, now that might be different" pondered the hatter

"That's not what i was talking about" cried Alice

"So you also agree they are not different" interjected the hatter

"You are impossible" sighed Alice

"No just unlikely" answered the hatter "so come walk with me thru the quiet woods under the unchanging moon"

"Sounds beautiful" cooed Alice as she took his small hand and wandered off down the only path available, which seemed to lead everywhere imaginable.