Twin Oaks Intentional Community
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Special Rules for Residents

Temporary residents are expected to do quota the same as members, but they are allowed 2-days'quota in work of their choice, which does not get subtracted from managerial budgets. The reason for this is, that residents are normally not eligible for managerships or for certain crews. This rule gives them work flexibility so they won't get stuck with work they don't like.

Filling Out Your Done Labor:

1. No credits for educational meetings any more. Feel free to schedule activities of various sorts, but take credit only for those that a manager says are creditable.

2. Feel free to use a pen if you want to! Assigners need you to use pencil in the "assigned" section of the sheet, but' a nice dark pen in the done labor section, along with fairly clear handwriting, helps the office people a lot, especially if your sheet gets fuzzy being carried in a pocket all week.

3. We keep records to only 1 decimal place. Thus, an hour and a quarter is either 1.3 or 1.2, but not 1.25.

4. The accuracy to which done labor records are kept varies from member to member. Some members carry their sheets with them and write things down when they do them. Others estimate at the end of the day. Still others try to remember after several days have passed. This last is definitely not recommended! Nobody can really remember with any accuracy what co did 3 days ago.

5. If you lose your sheet, come to the office and get an office person to show you how to make up a facsimile from the People Finder. Then fill it in the best you can remember.

6. If you do work and don't know what to call it, ask almost anybody. Most members have a very clear knowledge of the basics of the system. However, if you want to know something complex about the system, you'll get the most accurate information from the labor manager or cos assistants.

At the End of the Week

Add up your sheet. Add it across as well as down. In fact, the Across direction is the important one. It saves office people a lot of time. Then turn the sheet in to the Done Labor box, either at Zhankoye or in Llano office, before Saturday noon. If your sheet is late, you may lose the 2.5 credit bonus, but we need the sheet anyway. Failure to turn the sheet in means no credits are given for the week. By now you have your new sheet. This goes on and on, maybe for the rest of your life. It's all worth it, honest.