Twin Oaks Intentional Community
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Decisions concerning the acceptance or rejection of members require a "60% plus" majority of the full members of the Community in order to be overridden. Sixty percent plus means that if exactly 15% vote REJECT, a minimum of 60% of the full members must sign a petition to override the decision, but however many more than 15% vote REJECT, an equal number more than 60% needs to sign the override petition for a successful override.

For example, if 11 REJECT votes equals 15% and 44 override signatures equal 60%, then if twelve members vote to REJECT, 45 signatures are required to override; if 13 members vote to REJECT, then 46 signatures are required to override, and so on.

This provision is authorized by Bylaws Article III, Paragraph Three(A)(4), which states that the voting members of Twin Oaks have the right to overrule any decision of the planners. For issues concerning the acceptance or rejection of members, this Bylaws provision authorizes the Community to require a higher percentage than a simple majority of the full members to overrule a decision.