Twin Oaks Intentional Community
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Four rules operate simultaneously in determining when persons accepted for provisional membership may begin their membership:

1. Assimilation. The number of members joining typically shall not exceed three per month in two consecutive months.

2. Gender Balance. If the gender ratio exceeds 60:40, no member of the majority gender may join until the ratio after cos joining will not exceed 60:40.

3. Waiting List. We will maintain an acceptance list of all people who are accepted for membership. When the community is full we will also maintain a ready-to-join list.

a. When we have enough openings that a ready-to-join list is not in effect:

i. When a person on the acceptance list knows when co will be ready to join, co writes the CMT to let them know the date that co wishes to arrive. Co may join on that date assuming 30 days have passed since their visitor period ended. Co would need to join within four weeks after their stated date or be considered to have deferred.

ii. To stay on the acceptance list for more than six months after the date a person was notified of cos acceptance, co would need to notify the CMT in writing of their desire to be extended on the acceptance list and co would need to visit T.O. for seven consecutive days during the fourth, fifth or sixth month of the acceptance period. This would extend their acceptance for three months (for a total of nine months).

iii. Six months, or nine months if extended, after cos date of notification, cos name is dropped from the acceptance list. Anyone in this position can always visit again to have the opportunity to renew cos eligibility to join Twin Oaks.

b. When a ready-to-join list is in effect:

i. When a person on the acceptance list notifies us of cos desired return date, cos name is placed on a ready-to-join list, which is prioritized in the order that accepted visitors contact us, with the exception that ex-members returning within one year are placed at the top of the list.

ii. When the six month mark has passed, folks on the ready-to-join list are automatically granted an extension to nine months.

iii. The CMT will send a form letter to those on the ready-to-join list six months after their date of notification, and every three months after that, asking if they want to stay on the ready-to-join list. To stay eligible, co will need to respond, in writing, within three weeks, to the CMT. Staying on the ready-to-join list can be extended indefinitely, until we have an opening to offer co. If this period lasts more than one year, further process is necessary (see c.iv below).

c. When an opening happens and there is a ready-to-join list:

i. We go down the ready-to-join list to offer the spot to the first available person who can join within 30 days.

ii. An offer for a spot may be refused once. If a second offer is refused, cos name is dropped from both the ready-to-join list and the acceptance list.

iii. If a person on the ready-to-join list notifies us of a change in cos date of availability to a later date, co will drop to the bottom position on the ready-to-join list.

iv. If a person was accepted over a year before being offered a spot, co would be expected to do a three-week visit and be re-accepted before being able to join. Co arrives for a scheduled three-week visit and will have their membership interview in the first week of their visit. The CMT will solicit input during cos visit and make a decision by the end of cos visitor period. If accepted, co can assume membership immediately or may choose to go away for up to one month before beginning provisional membership.

4. Doubling. Voluntary doubling to increase population above the number of existing member spaces is a community option to be considered by the planners at the point it becomes an issue.