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Welcome to the Racial Justice page. On this page you'll find things like our current ongoing racial justice initiatives, historical context for how the fight for racial justice has progressed here at Twin Oaks, endorsement and mutual aid opportunities for BIPOC communities, and other Racial Justice resources.

Supporting BIPOC Communities

Supporting BIPOC Communities

Twin Oaks recognizes that the Intentional Communities movement has historically been, and presently is, a predominantly white movement. Our community is no exception to this. We owe our longevity and stability in part to our white privilege. When BIPOC have pursued an alternative, communitatian lifestyle, their members have historically been met with violence and oppression (for example, the MOVE community in Philadelphia that was started in 1981 and lasted until it was bombed by the police department in 1985, the aftermath of which found many of its members incarcerated for decades). Despite these atrocities, there have always been BIPOC communities, like those formed by self-liberated black people in the Dismal Swamp and across the South before the Civil War, and Indigenous Nations across the country who carry on their ancestral traditions in spite of attempted cultural erasure. This legacy of resilience is continued by BIPOC who are creating their own intentional communities in the present day.

Part of our work as a well-established, majority-white community is to offer support to BIPOC communities in whatever way is wanted. This does not absolve us of the responsibilities of examining our privilege and restructuring our own community to become safer and more inclusive for BIPOC. However, we recognize that at this time, many BIPOC community-seekers may feel more drawn to spaces where they are able to have full autonomy over the functions and goals of their community.

Due to systemic racism and economic inequality, BIPOC communities have more obstacles to overcome than majority-white communities such as Twin Oaks. If you are reading this, we hope you will consider donating to a BIPOC community.

You can also donate to the Foundation for Intentional Community (FIC) fund for BIPOC communities here.

You can learn about and donate to other BIPOC communities and community organizations below:

BIPOC Communities
Soul Fire Farm, Upstate NY
Wildseed Community, Upstate NY
Cooperative Community of New West Jackson, Jackson, MS
Earthseed Land Collective, NC
Black Oaks Center, IL
Soulflower Farm, Bay Area, CA
Avalon Village, Detroit MI

BIPOC Community Organizations
UJAMAA Cooperative Farming Alliance
BIPOC Intentional Community Council
Native American Rights Fund
People Of Color Sustainable Housing Network
New Economy Coalition
National Black Food & Justice Alliance
East Bay Permanent Real Estate Cooperative
Cooperation Jackson
Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative