Twin Oaks Intentional Community
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What does all this stuff mean?

CMT - Community Membership Team - the people who interview you about joining.

CVP - Community Visitor Program - the people who help you with your visitor period and are most available to answer your questions (see picture of the CVP Team in Aurora near front door)

Co - originally, a gender neutral personal pronoun conceived in the feminist movement during the 1970's, for use when the gender of an individual is unknown, to replace the then-common practice of simply using, "he." (e.g. "After a prospective visitor reads our visitor guide on the Web, co will be well prepared to visit Twin Oaks," or, "Each visitor is responsible for filling out co's own labor sheet.") Now, it is used colloquially as a generic personal noun as well, Jane Doe and Joe Blow rolled into one. (e.g. "Twin Oaks is looking for a few good cos.") Those who take a political stand for a gender-blind society by using, "co," to replace all personal pronouns, doing away with, "he," , "she," , "his," , "her," and, "him," entirely are called, "radico." (e.g. "I'm the co you're looking for! Oswald? Co was just a patsy.")

EC - Emerald City, our sawmill, rope shop & warehouse

GMT - General Management Team - runs the Hammock and Chair businesses

Hx - Hammocks (sometimes Hmx)

Oreo - short for, "orientation"

Mtg - short for, "meeting"

Req - labor requisition, part of how we assign work

TCLR - Ta Chai Living Room, where some meetings take place. There is a bookcase there full of books about real and fictional communites.

TOR - Twin Oaks Request - the piece of paper which tells the daily trippers what to pick up in town for people. You should use TORs to get things you need from town, rather than going in yourself. You can find TORs in the Llano office.

Viz - Short for "Visitor" The "V" after your name on the labor sheet is to distinguish visitors from members who sometimes have the same name.

ZK - Zhankoye. our dining hall and recreation center

Random Important Stuff

If you are having trouble making quota (especially in the first week) talk to your Visitor Liaison or to other busy-looking members

If you need medical supplies ask a member to get them for you in the health office - but in an emergency, don't hesitate to get them yourself.

Don't go into Commie Clothes. If you need special work clothes ask a member to get them.

There are lots of different work options at Twin Oaks. Check out the 3-week visitor survey for a not-quite complete list.

The best way to get to know people is to work with them, change jobs a fair bit and get around.

There are as many opinions as there are Twin Oakers, even on some things where there should only be one truth. When in doubt ask an area manager or someone from CVP.