FB[Updated May 2014] Pam, our long-time Garden Manager, in spare moments away from managing our 3.5 acre organic garden has been busy publicizing and selling her book, Sustainable Market Farming. The focus is educating people about how to grow food for a large number of people, using biological methods, and only a few acres of land, which is exactly what Pam and our intrepid Garden Crew do each year for the approximately 100 people who live here. The book draws on the work Pam has done writing articles for Growing for Market, a national magazine about market gardening.

To date [May 2014] the first 5000 copy printing of the book has been sold! A second printing has been done.

Read Pam's Sustainable Market Farming blog.

Sustainable Market FarmingSustainable Market Farming: Intensive Vegetable Production on a Few Acres
by Pam Dawling

Paperback – 456 pages - $34.95
Publisher: New Society Publishers
ISBN: 9780865717169
Publication date 2/1/2013

Since we got copies of the book, Pam has been signing and selling it in person at sustainable agriculture and related events.

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Sustainable Market Farming
Twin Oaks Community
138 Twin Oaks Road
Louisa, Virginia 23093.

Sustainable Market Farming is also available in print from various booksellers and from the publisher, or as an e-book for $22.70 from the publisher.


About the Author

Pam Dawling is a contributing editor with Growing For Market magazine. An avid vegetable grower for 38 years, she has been farming as a member of Twin Oaks Community in central Virginia for over 20 years, where she helps grow food for around 100 people on three and a half acres and provides training for Twin Oaks members in sustainable vegetable production. Pam's farming experience includes caring for cows, sheep, goats, pigs, bees, chickens, ducks and geese; growing small acreages of wheat, barley, oats, field beans and hay, using old farm implements, and growing and cooking more than sixty different kinds of vegetables and fruits.

Pam also regularly posts to her Sustainable Market Farming blog.